I recently bought a Falcam monitor mount for my Atomos Ninja and noticed a very loose pan or swivel axis. After disassembling the mount, I measured all the parts and came to the conclusion the spacers were a bit too slim. The originals are made of nylon or Delrin and are 0.97mm thick. I experimented with adding a paper shim, this helped but did not work very well.

So I printed a few new spacers. 1.1mm seem to work fine. I used PETG to print them. So if you have the same issue, this might be a solution for you until Ulanzi/Falcam fixes the issue.

Here are a few pictures of the assembly:

The mount with installed printed spacers
Mount on handle
Assembly with printed spacers

You can download the 3mf file here, you need to print two parts: https://www.printables.com/model/298339-spacers-for-tightening-the-falcam-f22-dual-quick-r